Asshat Turntable Repairs!


OK.. I’m angry!

Six times in the last few weeks I have received SL12xx dex that have had tonearms replaced by some hack asshat who needs to be removed from touching anything more complicated than a Maglite!

I am pretty sure I know who it is.

This asshat is replacing tonearms but not feeding the wires correctly. The result is they work fine for 1 – 3 months and then start shorting to the chassis intermittently. From what I have ascertained this person blames the DJs for doing something wrong when one channel drops out randomly.. this shit really gets my goat and this industry is rife with clowns who think they are fracking experts..

Downside is the owner/venue is paying for a shit job AND worse it is depleting the remaining stock of Technic’s spare parts because this twat big notes himself as a “repairer”.

I really need to start a Perth shame file. Some of the crap “repairers” are getting away with is fraud IMHO.

Here’s an image of the work this assclown is doing. Clearly the wires are trapped and a drama waiting to happen.

I can’t believe I didn’t fucking swear in this post!