SL1200Dex repairs, buys, sells, refurbishes and supplies spare parts for all Technics SL1200+ direct drive turntables.

These incredible machines have helped shape music history and Panasonic’s announcement in Oct 2010 that they will be no more, made SL1200Dex intent on keeping them alive for you to own, love and appreciate.

Here you will get to drool over and own the original Wheels Of Steel in all their original glory, enjoy SL memorabilia and learn tips and tricks of a very experienced Turntable repairer.

Please contact SL1200Dex for any repairs or spares or if you have some old dex lying around you want to sell.

SL1200Dex has a full range of Technics SL1200/1210 MK2 – 5 spares available and has perfected a reasonably priced voltage conversion if you have an imported unit.

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