About Us

SL1200Dex is a Perth, Western Australian site run by the fanatical electronics engineer, Grant Ettrick of EAV, who has been romantically involved with Technics SL1200 Direct Drive Turntables since he saw the first shiny model in 1972.

An immoral love of Panasonic’s Technics SL1200 direct drive turntables lead to a strange desire to fiddle with them and modify them and customise them. With over 35 years experience repairing professional audio equipment and working in and with music acts his entire life, Grant Ettrick has a huge wealth of technical knowledge from the recent history of music as we know it.

The October 2010 announcement that Panasonic would no longer produce the Technics SL1200 range sent Grant into meltdown forcing him into a frenzy of buying every turntable and spare he could find.

SL1200Dex repairs, buys, modifies and customises these amazing machines that have helped shape music history and brings them into the 21st century for you to own, love and appreciate.

Here you will get to drool over, order and purchase the original Wheels Of Steel in all their original glory and customised goodness.

SL1200Dex will ship Australia wide but NOT overseas.

All SL1200Dex turntables come with a 3 month EAV warranty on any genuine component failure.

Contact SL1200Dex for any expressions of interest on any dex you see here, customisation requests or questions regarding Technics SL100 turntables in general.

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