This is an amazing tribute to the Technics SL1200. The world’s first ensemble performance using only turntables and mixers. The Philharmonic Turntable Orchestra creates a whole new music experience, reconstructing classical music by playing vinyl records with a variety of musical techniques.

Ensemble: Qbert (1992-1994 DMC World Champion) on SL-1200GR

Mr.Switch (2014 DMC World Champion) on SL-1200LTD

Swamp (1996 DMC World Champion) on SL-1200 MK5

Kentaro (2002 DMC World Champion) on SL-1200GR & SL-1200GR

Yasa (2007-2011 DMC World Team Champion as KIREEK) on SL-1200MK3D

Hi-C (2007-2011 DMC World Team Champion as KIREEK) on SL-1200MK5

Izoh (2012 DMC World Champion) on SL-1200MK5

Rena (2017 DMC World Champion : The youngest champion ever) on SL-1200MK5 & SL-1200 MK3

6th Generation on SL-1200MK3D

Bahn on SL-1200MK5 Baku on SL-1200MK5

Bori on SL-1200MK5

Bunta on SL-1200MK3D

D-Styles on SL-1200G

Dom-Auto on SL-1200MK3D

Doon on SL-1200MK3D

Fummy on SL-1200MK5

Hiroshi on SL-1200MK3D

Ina Takayuki on SL-1200MK3D

Jifrock on SL-1200MK3

Ken-one on SL-1200MK3D

Miyajima on SL-1200MK3D

OM on SL-1200MK3D

Reiko on SL-1200MK3D

Sarasa on SL-1200MK3D

Shota on SL-1200MK5G

To-Ru on SL-1200MK3

Wa-ta on SL-1200MK5G

Yone on SL-1200MK5

You-ki on SL-1200MK3D


Rare SL1200MK4

This is an unusual Technics 🙂

Technics SL-1200 MK4 (33rpm 45rpm 78rpm – Japan only Model)

Gold RCA plug connectors for audio and ground rather than the usual cables on all other SL1200/1210 models. Only model with silver colored isolation feet. Technics logo and pitch labels are in yellow/gold colour. Sold only in Japan/Asia market as audiophile turntable. Only Technics SL-1200 model to feature 78RPM playback speed. Units are pretty rare and not easy to find these days.

Thanks to TechnicsAus